With a growing job market and labour pool, there is healthy competition for jobs in Portland. Although the impact of coronavirus on employment was felt in the city, Portland is back on track. With many thriving industries, expats with the right skills are sure to find a job in their field.

Job market in Portland

While Portland has always had thriving shipping and manufacturing industries, in recent years, the technology, health and sports sectors have grown and opened up the job market in a big way.

Healthcare is one of the biggest growing sectors in the Portland economy, and these professionals are in constant demand. In fact, healthcare is one of the highest employing industries in the city. High tech is also a booming industry in Portland, as is the manufacturing of sport apparel for companies such as Nike and Adidas.

Newcomers to Portland who are not able to find work in any of these industries may be able to work in tourism. Those in a creative field may also be able to find a job in one of the many companies that make up Portland’s renowned creative industry.

Finding a job in Portland

When moving to a new country, it is always better to secure a job beforehand. Transferring to Portland through a national or international company is often the most popular way for expats to work in the City of Roses. Otherwise, there are plenty of online job portals and social media sites, such as LinkedIn, on which people can search for a job from abroad or elsewhere in the US, or once already in the city. Local newspapers are also another source of job listings for those who have already arrived in Portland.

Finding a job through a recruitment agency is another alternative. These professionals are well versed in Portland’s job market and will be able to provide insights about the work culture in the city, as well as information about appropriate salaries. They will also be able to match newcomers to the city to an employer and company that will match their skill set.

Work culture in Portland

As in the rest of the US, work culture in Portland is individualistic. The workplace rewards 'go-getters' while those who lack independence, initiative and self-reliance lag behind. Status and age are irrelevant and, instead, merit, good ideas and hard work are the vehicles for advancement.

That said, Portland’s work culture is a lot more laid back than other big American cities. Most companies don’t require formal attire, and instead employees dress in jeans and more comfortable clothes for work. Relationships are valued, as is the happiness of the employees in most companies. The city also boasts a good work-life balance and many companies have ample employee benefits, such as health insurance.

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