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Posted by Valchr2020
on 10 Jun 2020

Hi there,

My friend and I are planning to move to Abu Dhabi around late September this year, providing UAE will start issuing visas again and things settle. She has already got a job lined up (physiotherapist) but I have only just started looking.

I work as a property manager in London, England, and would obviously like to continue my career within the sector. I don't have a degree but I have lots of experience in the sector (management and lettings), so am wondering if anyone can advise what my chances are in finding similar types of jobs in Abu Dhabi. I have tried researching online but seem to struggle to find anything certain within the field. Also, lots of job ads required knowledge and experience in the UAE market.

I appreciate things are different at the moment and everything has been affected by the pandemic but would greatly appreciate getting advice on how this would work in normal circumstances to get an idea about my chances.

Thank you very much.

Anonymous (not verified) on 11 Jun 2020 - 08:11


That sounds exciting, and we hope for all our sakes that things do settle soon! 

It's great that your friend already has a job lined up and it's good that you have also started looking. I'd suggest reading Working in Abu Dhabi, it gives some useful resources for finding a job. You've probably come across loads of job portals – have you checked out Gulf Talent and Bayt? They have been recommended as helpful ones for finding work in the UAE.

Hopefully, someone on this forum with specific knowledge in your field of property management can assist. Expat Arrivals also has many interviews with expats living in the UAE and Abu Dhabi specifically, you could take a look there for their insights – Expat Experiences in Abu Dhabi.

Have you considered going through an agent?

Valchr2020 on 12 Jun 2020 - 09:02

Hi Claire, 

Thank you for your reply and recommendations. I will definitely have a look at the job portals. And Expat Experience sounds very interesting. 

Yes, I have thought about going through a recruitment agency but I have no knowledge of which one is good or suitable. Although I have now had a look around and have some ideas. 

And yes, I am hoping that there is someone with the knowledge about the industry that can give me some insight. Fingers crossed :) 

Anonymous (not verified) on 15 Jun 2020 - 07:43

You're welcome! 

I can't recommend a particular recruitment agency from my own experience, but I understand that they are normally the best route for finding a job in the UAE. Some people network to get their new job but this is difficult if you don't already have contacts there. It's good to check out the Google reviews and check the social media accounts for the agencies to give you an idea of client responses – some people may have had a great experience while others less so.

Alternatively, Expat Arrivals has a page on Relocation Companies in UAE. Although expensive, they can handle almost every aspect of the move, including visas, securing you a home and sometimes job searches.

Have you been to Abu Dhabi before? Are there other aspects of the move that you'd like to find more about?

All the best, And when you do find a solution, feel free to pop a follow-up comment!

Valchr2020 on 20 Jun 2020 - 22:38

Hi Claire, 

My friend and I were due to go to Abu Dhabi on the same day all travel was banned from the Uk. What are the odds! So we never went. 


I have been contacting a few estate agents in Abu Dhabi too. Not sure if that is a normal practise over there but can’t seem to find any appropriate job roles advertised on agency websites. 


I do have a few questions on renting / leasing an apartment. Do you recommend I start a new topic? 


Thank you Claire. 

Valchr2020 on 21 Jun 2020 - 14:02

Hi Claire, 

We were due to fly out to visit Abu Dhabi on the day the UK government released the advise against all travel. What are the odds hey!! And because my friend's employer has got everything ready for her except for the visa, we might end up having to move without even visiting first which is why we are a bit anxious about the move now and need to gather as much information as possible.  

I have contacted a few real estate agencies and submitted my CV directly with them as I don't seem to find many relevant roles listed on agencies website. Maybe it's due to the pandemic. 

I do have a few questions on leasing / renting an apartment so I will post a new topic shortly. 

Thank you Claire!

Kind regards, 


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