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Posted by Siddhartha
on 16 Feb 2020

Hi everyone

I have recently shifted to Hong Kong from India and planning to live at Lohas Park. I am planning to put my daughter in the Deborah International Kindergarten in Tseung Kwan O. Can you guys please tell me how is the school, child care services and how about teachers. 

Thanks in advance.

StevenVoortman on 17 Feb 2020 - 07:49

Hi Siddhartha,

It is difficult for me to make a recommendation as there are limited reviews online about the school. The reviews I could find have been mixed. One review said the school was excellent, the other said the staff were under-qualified. 

From their website, however, it said that the school uses the latest research in early childhood education to customise their curriculum. They displayed pictures of foreign, expat staff members, as well as several extra-curricular activities. Perhaps you could phone the school and ask to speak with one of the expat teachers directly?

For more information on schools in Hong Kong, our page may be of assistance. 

Hope this helps!


Siddhartha on 18 Feb 2020 - 05:15

Thanks Steve.

Are there any reviews regarding Zenith Kindergarten, at Tseung Kwan O? The reason I am asking is that then I will decide whether to stay at Lohas Park or to look somewhere else.

StevenVoortman on 18 Feb 2020 - 06:46

Hi Siddhartha,

There are limited reviews online about Zenith kindergarten. However, from the reviews I could see, the reviewers (who were verified as 'local guides' on google) gave the kindergarten high reviews. The website shows that the school also hires expats, and offers similar facilities and extracurricular activities. Before you make decisions about moving locations, I would still say to speak directly to the school to ensure that it is of a quality you need. 

Is there anything in particular that you are looking for in a school?

Hope this helps!


Siddhartha on 20 Feb 2020 - 02:20

Thanks Steve for the help. I will go to both schools and will talk to them directly.

Anonymous (not verified) on 6 Oct 2020 - 05:36


I know it's too late but let me share our expererience just in case. 

We have to say that it is the worst school we've ever seen. Their response made us think, one day they might say our kids disappeared during the class time and school does not know why, something like that. That is why we withdrew the application. 

Never Getting Correct Information -

You ask staffs about the school application process, class availability, then every staff answers differently. They never communicate internally, and you never get correct information. 

No Responsibilities - 

We asked if we could postpone the enrollment  by phone and emails several times due to the COVID-19. Each time they answered they would confirm with a person in charge, but they never answered to us even 1 month later since our initial inquiry. Every time I asked, they responded as if they heard for the first time as they don't communicate each other. 

What they did several times during the period I was waiting for an answer was asking for school fee payment, which I had already confiemed no need to pay for the moment. 

No Communications Between Staffs - 

As mentiones above, it is just terrible they do not share information internally. 

kunal4020 on 29 Oct 2022 - 02:23

Hi Siddhartha, Hope all well.

I know its almost 2 years since this post but I am currently in the same stage where I am looking out for prenursery for my daughter. Is it ok for you to share your feedback on Deboarah or any other kindergarten you would have enrolled? Thanks, Kunal  

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