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Posted by dinos
on 13 Jul 2018

Hello all, I am moving to Lagos in 2 month's time, and I was wondering, which are the estates that have large expat communities? Where can I find online such information? Thanks :)

Kyle de Villiers on 16 Jul 2018 - 08:37

Hi Dinos,

Will you be working in Lagos and, if so, then which area will your work be in? 

I can't give you specifics about any gated communities, but you should consider how far your commute is because traffic in Lagos is REALLY HECTIC.

These Expat Arrivals pages on areas and suburbs in Lagos and accommodation in Lagos might be useful to you.


Marizz on 19 Jul 2018 - 15:11

Hello Dinos,

Most expat live in Ikoyi, Victoria Island and some in Lekki and Ikeja as well. Depending on where they work and what their budget is. 

I work for a company that helps expats find accomodation as well so if you need any assistance please do let me know. 



conquistador on 14 Feb 2021 - 20:42

I am looking for safe accomodations in nigeria...gated community... security.   Please reach out to me at your convenience


cuteade4 on 8 Aug 2018 - 08:44

Hi Dinos,

As mentioned above by the two responses,expats living areas are mainly Victoria island and Ikoyi but in a gated estate,Banana island is the most secured where you have the largest percentage of expat living there.

As a professional in the relocation industry,i can help you with your house search and any relocation services that can make your move to Nigeria seamless.

Do let me know if my assistance will be required.


Steven_E on 15 Nov 2018 - 18:22

Hello Dinos,

Expats are everywhere in Lagos but just like the early replies, the most known expat communities are Ikeja, Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Ikorodu, Festac Town and Lagos Mainland. All of these cities are top-notch though cost of living depends on the city you are interested in. If you still want to know more about Lagos and its environs then read up about <a href="">Lagos City</a> .


Thank you.

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