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Posted by palvash
on 13 Jul 2019

Hi everyone

My family is taking a sabbatical to London starting Jan. 2020 - May/June 2020. My husband will be working close to London Business School. My 9 year old daughter will be in third grade when we arrive.

I am looking for the following information:

-family friendly neighborhoods (names please?) with good Govt. schools (names please?) - ideally within 30 min from LBS but open to maximum of 45 min commute.

-Are 6 months rental easy to find? Approximate cost of rental (2 bedroom)

-Also how hard/easy is it to get a spot in a govt. school mid year? What's the process to ensure a spot ?

Thank you so much !

Anonymous (not verified) on 15 Jul 2019 - 09:41
Hi Palivash, As the London Business School is located close to Baker Street you'll have plenty of areas to choose from. Obviously, the further you are willing to travel the cheaper the rent will be. I think you could look into areas like Stratford in East London which has benefited from regeneration in recent years. Lots of new parks, shopping malls and family-friendly facillities. Or you could look at places like Hampstead which would also offer a 30-40 minute commute. London is a big city so it is hard to pinpoint a particular without knowing more about your requirements. In terms of schools, I think it'll be easier once you know whereabouts you want to live a lot of the state schools allocate places based on catchment areas so you need to be living close by. The better state-schools and academies fill up quickly so you'll need to apply ASAP but places do become available when people move, so start putting the feelers out there. It's is not impossible to get a 6 month lease, but year long contracts are the norm. I would advice you to use agents that'll be better equipped to negotiate on your behalf if you are after a short-term lease. In terms of rent, I would say you should expect to pay at least GBP 1750 for a 2 bedroom place. The closer you live to the centre of the city the more you can expect to pay. Also, properties located close to a tube station will cost more. Just a few things to bear in mind. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any further questions. Shantalie
KSo on 20 Feb 2020 - 19:49

Hi Palvash,


I am in almost the exact same situation as you, only for Jan 2021 - July 2021.  Would it be possible for me to contact you for advice now that you are already there?




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