Expats moving to Ho Chi Minh City will find themselves in a vibrant, engaging culture. The city has many benefits, but it also has drawbacks, and expats should prepare themselves realistically to make the most of their time in Vietnam.

Living in Ho Chi Minh City 

+ PRO: Thriving expat community

There is a strong expat community in Ho Chi Minh City and the social life is varied and engaging, which means there is something for everyone from families to singles.

+ PRO: Welcoming attitude of the Vietnamese people

Vietnamese people are very friendly and welcoming of foreigners. Expats will find locals accommodating and genuinely interested in helping them – something that may seem unusual to many expats.

- CON: Overcharging foreigners

Despite the friendliness of the Vietnamese people, some expats still face unfairly increased prices. Expats should be firm when bartering and learn a few Vietnamese words to negotiate a fair deal. 

Lifestyle in Ho Chi Minh City

+ PRO: Wonderful sights and activities offered throughout the city 

Expats looking to spend their days outdoors will be spoilt for choice. There are many recreational and water parks around the city, which are not just for the kids to enjoy. The city is also home to numerous historical and cultural sites for expats to explore. The vibrant local art scene is a representation of the upscale and cosmopolitan lifestyle spread throughout Ho Chi Minh City.

- CON: Pollution

With more than eight million residents, Ho Chi Minh City suffers from a significant amount of noise and air pollution. Expats will see some Vietnamese people wearing face masks to prevent irritation from pollen and pollution.

+ PRO: Easy access to the beach

This is especially important as a respite from the hot summer days, making it the perfect getaway to enjoy the weekend and escape city life.

+ PRO: Incredible food

From dingy authentic Vietnamese haunts to five-star restaurants, there are numerous international and local cuisine options to satisfy all tastes.

+ PRO: Abundance of shopping outlets 

Shopping is a favourite pastime for many Ho Chi Minh City residents, and expats will have plenty of options available. The shops range from small markets to impressive department stores.

- CON: Petty crime

Vietnam is a safe country, but like every city, Ho Chi Minh City does have petty crime. Expats should be watchful of their belongings and aware of those around them.

+ PRO: Cheap and easy travel to neighbouring countries

Places like Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur are popular, with regular flights going to and from Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. Tan Son Nhat is Vietnam's largest international airport, and it is located in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Amenities in Ho Chi Minh City

+ PRO: Top international schools

Expats moving to Ho Chi Minh City with children will have access to a host of excellent international schools offering a range of curricula. 

+ PRO: Efficient and reliable banks 

Banking is accessible and convenient for expats. With top banks like HSBC and ANZ available, expats should have no problems with banking. 

- CON: Public transport is lacking

Ho Chi Minh City's public transport system is relatively underdeveloped, which can be frustrating for expats. Currently, there is no metro system in place, but construction is in progress for this.

Language in Ho Chi Minh City

+ PRO: The language is relatively easy to learn

The Western alphabet script is used for the Vietnamese language, which makes it more accessible for foreigners in comparison to other Asian countries. 

- CON: There is a language barrier

Despite Vietnam being one of the few Asian countries that use a Roman-based alphabet, there is still a language barrier. Expats moving to Ho Chi Minh City should keep in mind that English is not commonly used.

Censorship in Ho Chi Minh City

- CON: Government censorship

There is occasional government banning or censorship of websites. Internet access to certain sites is sometimes regulated, especially if they are religious or politically sensitive. 

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