Expats in Wolfsburg will have a diverse range of options for getting around. Despite the fact that the city is known for its auto manufacturing industry, Wolfsburg’s small size and excellent public transport network make owning a car an unnecessary luxury for many of its residents.

Public transport in Wolfsburg

Despite its relatively small population, there is a surprisingly extensive network of public transport in Wolfsburg. The local bus system is efficient and reliable, and those who choose not to purchase a car will be well catered for.


Buses are the most prevalent form of public transport in Wolfsburg. The local bus company is called RegioJet and bus tickets can be purchased online, through the company’s mobile app or in person at various outlets scattered around the city.

There are also a number of bus services offering intercity journeys for expats looking to explore other towns and cities in the area. Tickets for these services are best booked in advance to ensure availability.

Taxis in Wolfsburg

Using a taxi in Wolfsburg is another popular way for expats to get around the city. A number of taxi companies operate in Wolfsburg, and these vehicles can be picked up at specific taxi ranks or booked over the phone or online.

Expats are advised to have the address of their destination written down to avoid any confusion that could be caused by the language barrier.

Driving in Wolfsburg

Germany is well known for its excellent and extensive road network, most of which is in good condition. While owning a private vehicle may not be strictly necessary due to the country’s efficient and reliable public transport system, Wolfsburg is a small town and expats who wish to do some exploring of nearby cities and the beautiful German countryside may prefer to self-drive.

Expats driving in Germany will be able to use an international drivers’ licence for their first six months in the country, after which they will be required to apply for a local driving licence.

When driving in Wolfsburg, expats should be aware that traffic cameras are often placed on smaller roads and speeding is harshly penalised. Parking gets more expensive and more difficult to find the closer one gets to the city centre, so owning a car may not be a practical option for everyone.

Walking in Wolfsburg

Expats may be surprised to find that despite being known for its car manufacturing, walking in Wolfsburg is often the most efficient way to get around. Most amenities in the city are easily accessible on foot, and the city centre is a busy pedestrianised area which can actually be hard to navigate by vehicle.

Air travel in Wolfsburg

When flying domestically or internationally, most expats in Wolfsburg will use the nearby Hanover or Hamburg airports. For a wider choice of international destinations, Frankfurt International Airport will likely be an expat's first choice.

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