As exciting as relocating to Switzerland might be, it can be equally stressful, which is why any prospective expats should enlist the services of a reputable relocation company. Relocation companies are an all-in-one solution to unforeseen problems, paperwork hiccups or practical concerns. While traditional removals companies generally only offer services limited to transport and shipping goods, relocation businesses provide comprehensive mobility and relocation solutions.

Their support prepares expats before their departure, helping them understand culture shock, with focus on the German, French, Romansh and Italian languages. These firms also assist in finding clients a new home, as well as negotiating leases and arranging utility hook-ups. Families with kids receive personalised school selections and visit support. Relocation companies may even offer their clients neighbourhood orientation programmes upon arrival.

Here is a selection of several relocation firms in Switzerland that expats should consider.

Relocation companies in Switzerland

Local companies


Keller Swiss Group

Keller Swiss Group is a moving and relocation company offering services to private and corporate clients. With their main offices in Basel, Bern, Geneva and Zurich, all areas within Switzerland north of the Alps are covered. Keller Swiss Group understands that 'home' means more than just household belongings, and their relocation services include cultural awareness, family and education services, home searches and administrative support.


Silver Nest

Silver Nest GmbH

Silver Nest is a family-owned relocation specialist organisation that covers the Lake Zurich region and surrounding German-speaking cantons. Find their various services home search, education counselling, orientation, and moving and immigration support to co-ordinate the move to Switzerland.


International relocation companies



With 130 years of experience, Sanelo specialises in providing customised end-to-end domestic and international moving and relocation services. Get five-star protection and coverage, first-rate packing, and expert guidance on your move to Switzerland, all through a single point of contact. With 69 offices in 38 countries, Sanelo moves 35,000 international customers each year.



Odyssey Relocation

Odyssey is a corporate relocation company that operates globally, and aims to ensure your staff feels confident when arriving in their new home, helping them find the right place to live, helping with visas and immigration, even looking for appropriate schools for your lille ones. They work alongside local relocation companies in xxxxxxx to ensure your employees get the best service possible.


santa fe

Santa Fe Relocation

Santa Fe Relocation offers a full spectrum of relocation services for individual expats, families and businesses. They are a global firm with the know-how to manage any move to Switzerland, and their services include home search, school search, moving services, pet relocation, and everything else relocation entails. 



K2 Corporate Mobility

K2 Corporate Mobility is an independent, international relocation firm that provides personalised packages to support every type of domestic and international transfers, be it short-term or long-term. Operating globally with streamlined, efficient and personalised services, K2 Corporate Mobility is worth considering when moving to Switzerland.


Expat Health Insurance

Cigna Health Insurance

Cigna Global Health Insurance.

Moving your family abroad can be intimidating, but learning about medical options such as family health insurance early on can help you settle successfully.

  • Comprehensive Family coverage, wherever you go
  • Paediatric coverage for well-child visits & immunizations
  • Access to dental and orthodontic care
  • 24/7 multilingual Customer Service

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