Edinburgh's reputation as an economic powerhouse attracts expats from around the UK and beyond, all looking to find work in one of the city's strong sectors. With a GDP second only to London, Edinburgh continues to be highly sought after by professionals eager to open a business or take their career to the next step.

Several of Edinburgh's key industries include financial and business services, renewable energy, electronic technology and a highly successful life-sciences sector.

Job market in Edinburgh

Two of the city's major employers are the University of Edinburgh and the Royal Bank of Scotland, so expats with applicable skills and experience would do well to start their search here. These two entities not only provide opportunity, but they also paint an accurate picture of an Edinburgh economy that takes pride in its financial services and education sector.

The city's science and technology sector is also quite robust and has the potential to attract highly skilled foreign nationals interested in working in Edinburgh.

On the other end of the spectrum is a thriving tourism and hospitality industry and a selection of creative industries that hinge on the annual Edinburgh festival. Though formal positions in these sectors can be limited, there are lots of informal jobs that appeal to younger, more inexperienced expats looking for a cultural experience rather than a leg up on the career ladder.

Finding a job in Edinburgh

Most expats relocating to Edinburgh for work purposes arrive with a job in hand, and we recommend doing the same if possible. Those who arrive in Edinburgh still on the hunt for a job, should keep tabs on the recruitment pages and the business news in the Scottish press. Recruitment agencies, social networking sites and online job portals may also be helpful in finding work. Networking is also important and making connections through professional platforms such as LinkedIn can boost an expat's chances of being noticed.

Work culture in Edinburgh

Scots are known for their sharp wit, and expats will likely experience some of this in the workplace too. That said, it's usually good natured and business dealings are incredibly diplomatic, with maximum effort directed at remaining considerate and civil. 

Individualism is highly valued in Britain and that includes Scotland, so expats should anticipate working among colleagues who are competitive and ambitious. Experience and performance are the foundations for advancement in the working world, and those in management positions tend to be well rounded.

A traditional hierarchy is still important in business even though it's moved towards a more egalitarian approach, where positions are more or less parallel to each other rather than existing below or above one another. 

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