New arrivals in Leeds will be spoilt for choice as far as accommodation is concerned. That said, the city’s housing market is fiercely competitive, so house hunters will need to do careful research and act quickly when they find something they like. 

Though competitive, the market has seen prices remain relatively affordable and newcomers are sure to find a suitable home for their budget and lifestyle. Leeds is also a compact city served by excellent transport links, which make for easy commutes. House hunters therefore needn’t fret too much about proximity to the city centre and can cast a fairly wide net when searching for a home.

Types of accommodation in Leeds

Much of the accommodation in Leeds is in the form of detached, semi-detached and terraced housing, as well as high- and low-rise flats. Each of the city’s neighbourhoods has a unique character and atmosphere, but a strong sense of community is common across the board.

Renovated and terraced flats dot the areas in and around the city centre. These buildings typically have all the modern amenities that make for comfortable city living, and are well suited to young professionals.

Leeds also boasts beautiful Victorian-era homes, which can usually be found a bit further out in the city’s leafy suburbs and are favoured by families. 

As is often the case in cities worldwide, the closer a property is to the city centre, the steeper the rent. Newcomers looking to save a few quid should consider house- or flatshares, which are also a great way to meet new people and make friends.

Finding accommodation in Leeds

Finding accommodation in Leeds can be time consuming and highly competitive, owing to the high demand. New arrivals who haven’t secured accommodation before arriving should consider short-term rentals as a temporary solution while searching for a long-term arrangement.

Thanks to a wide variety of property portals, the easiest way to start the house hunt is online. Property websites such as Zoopla and RightMove usually have plenty of listings, while property pages on social media and community forums are also valuable resources. 

House hunters who want to avoid the hassle of going it alone should consider enlisting the services of an estate agent. Estate agents have intimate knowledge of the local market and will have access to listings before they’re made public. They can also help negotiate agreements with landlords or sellers.

Renting accommodation in Leeds


Once house hunters have found a property they like, they will need to apply to the landlord or property manager. The rental application should include proof of income and identification (a valid driver’s license or passport) and references.


Tenants will usually need to pay a deposit equivalent to one or two months’ rent, which is refundable in principle. Landlords are legally required to protect it through an accredited scheme such as the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).


The standard lease agreement in Leeds is typically for six months or a year but can go up to seven years, depending on the landlord. New arrivals should ensure lease agreements come with the property’s gas and electrical safety certificates and the Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).


Utilities such as electricity, gas and water, as well as refuse removal, council tax and contents insurance, are usually not included so tenants should budget accordingly.

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