Nuneaton may not be at the top of the list when it comes to UK destinations, but the little-known town in Warwickshire has gained something of a reputation as a commuter town for nearby Birmingham, Coventry and even Leicester, and has started to attract residents looking to take advantage of the town's peaceful country feel.

Of course, like any destination, there are negatives as well as positives to life in Nuneaton. Below we list some of those pros and cons.

Accommodation in Nuneaton

+ PRO: A range of affordable accommodation options 

One reason Nuneaton is gaining popularity is because of its cheaper housing. Modern apartments and terraced housing in the town centre are much more affordable than in bigger cities such as Birmingham, and newcomers may even find bargains for larger freestanding houses in Nuneaton's suburbs.

Working in Nuneaton

+ PRO: Up-and-coming industries

Though many treat Nuneaton simply as a commuter town, it has a number of rising industries including automotive engineering, logistics and distribution, and it also hosts the headquarters of several large international firms. This means that Nuneaton itself is increasingly offering job opportunities for new arrivals with the right skillsets.  

- CON: Lower salaries

While the town's job market might be on the rise, salaries are still considerably lower than in larger cities such as Birmingham and Leicester. 

- CON: Limited industries

Nuneaton doesn't boast an overly diverse economy, and only those with very specific skillsets will be able to earn lucrative salaries.

Cost of living in Nuneaton

+ PRO: Costs are low

Fortunately, the cost of living in Nuneaton is decidedly gentle compared to larger cities. Rent, transport and food – as well as eating out – are all much cheaper in Nuneaton, which is why so many are deciding to base themselves here and commute to surrounding towns and cities for work.

Getting around in Nuneaton

+ PRO: Excellent public transport networks

Nuneaton is well connected via a series of excellent motorways, bus routes and rail networks, making commuting to the town centre and surrounding cities an absolute doddle. Fares are also low across the board.

+ PRO: Cycling and walking possible

Nuneaton has started to invest in cycle paths, making two-wheeled commutes possible for those who work in the town centre, even if they live out in the suburbs. Given the compact size of Nuneaton, walking is an option as well, though walking at night, especially alone, is not advised.

Lifestyle in Nuneaton

+ PRO: Close to both Coventry and Birmingham

Though Nuneaton itself doesn't have much in the way of restaurants or cultural attractions, the town is only a short train ride from Coventry and Birmingham, both of which have plenty to offer in terms of attractions, shopping, eating out and nightlife. 

+ PRO: Parks aplenty

There are several great parks in and around Nuneaton, perfect for families to run, play and picnic on lush, shaded lawns. The town also has two excellent golf courses in close proximity. 

Education and schools in Nuneaton

+ PRO : Free government-funded schooling

As is the case throughout the UK, British citizens and foreign nationals legally living in Nuneaton are entitled to send their children to a government-funded school at little to no cost.

- CON: Few schools

That said, given the size of the town, the number of schools is limited, but children can always commute to a number of excellent public or private schools in Coventry. 

Healthcare in Nuneaton

+ PRO: Access to the NHS

Residents of Nuneaton will have access to good healthcare in the form of the NHS (National Health Service) at little to no cost. There are some excellent public hospitals in and around town. While patients are required to pay for certain medications, the cost of these is often subsidised.

- CON: Long NHS waiting lists and expensive private healthcare options

Waiting lists for certain treatments in the UK are long. It's possible to bypass these by exploring options in the private sector in nearby Coventry and Warwick. Private healthcare in the UK is expensive though, and those with any ongoing health issues or chronic illnesses planning on using private health services should invest in a comprehensive insurance policy.

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