A stone's throw away from Lake Michigan, Deerfield, Illinois, is a beautiful, family-friendly village that has gained recognition as a north shore suburb of Chicago. Whether you're moving to Deerfield for exciting job opportunities, peaceful suburban life, or excellent schools, you will surely enjoy an exceptional quality of life here.  

Cost of living in Deerfield 

Deerfield is one of the wealthiest suburbs across Illinois and the Midwest region. Naturally, this comes with a high cost of living, well above the state and national averages. Deerfield's sales and income tax are steeper than the national average. Still, the lucrative salaries characteristic of the village should offset these easily.  

New arrivals on a budget should consider renting or purchasing a home in southwestern Deerfield, as properties in this area are more affordable. The central suburbs boast higher-end properties with quick access to amenities. Although public transport in Deerfield is efficient and reliable, most residents commute by car. The cost of car ownership can quickly increase, considering maintenance, parking, and petrol (gas) fees.  

Groceries are one area where newcomers can save, as food prices in the village fall below the national average. Healthcare costs in Deerfield are also relatively reasonable.  

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Getting around in Deerfield 

Deerfield is well served by excellent public transport and road links, making getting around a pleasant experience. Residents can easily access downtown Chicago through the two Metra Milwaukee District North Line Railroad stations.  

Pace Bus has two routes that serve Deerfield's suburbs and central areas. During rush hours, the Highland Park-Deerfield bus offers express services to the office parks along Wilmot and Saunders Roads in Riverwoods and Deerfield.  

If you prefer to commute by car, there's quick access to both southern and eastern Deerfield through Lake Cook Road and Deerfield Road.  

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Healthcare in Deerfield 

Home to some of the best hospitals in Illinois, Deerfield boasts exceptional healthcare facilities. Hospital systems such as Northwestern Medicine and NorthShore provide various robust primary and speciality care services, including family medicine, neurological, cardiovascular, orthopaedic and spine care. 

New arrivals can visit Whitehall of Deerfield for specialised nursing services. The clinic is a top-notch care facility that gives patients exceptional rehabilitation therapy, orthopaedic, and short-term care services, offering a holistic approach to post-operative care.  

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Schools in Deerfield 

Schools in Deerfield are among the most highly rated in Chicago and Illinois, with Deerfield High School receiving top honours. Deerfield Public Schools District 109 manages a handful of elementary and middle schools. The Township High School District 113 oversees Highland Park High School and Deerfield High School.  

Although no charter or magnet schools exist in Deerfield, a few private schools teach alternative educational approaches, such as Montessori. Deerfield Montessori School and Deerfield Montessori Children's House are preschools designed to cater to children's critical developmental stages.

Parents looking to provide their children with a bilingual education through a religious lens can enrol them at the Hellenic American Academy. The academy strives to achieve academic excellence in math, science, poetry, and the arts while embracing Hellenism principles. The school offers courses in both English and Greek.

There are no international schools in Deerfield, but nearby Chicago has five schools offering foreign curricula. Parents looking to give their children a globally recognised and high-quality education can access British, German, French, and International Baccalaureate (IB) schools nearby.  

For more school recommendations, see Education and Schools in Chicago.  

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Weather in Deerfield 

Deerfield's humid continental climate influences the weather in the village. Summers in Deerfield are hot and moist, with more than 100 days of sunshine. July is the hottest month of the year, with average temperatures peaking at 81°F (27°C).

Winters in Deerfield are freezing and snowy, with the village averaging 23 inches of snow annually. The coldest month of the year is January, with lows of 19°F (-7°C) and highs of 32°F (0°C).

Learn more about regional weather patterns in Weather in Chicago.  

Working in Deerfield 

Ambitious professionals moving to Deerfield will be delighted to find work opportunities in the village abound. Several major companies have their headquarters in Deerfield, and the biggest among these are Baxter Healthcare, Walgreens, and Alliance Boots.  

Salaries in Deerfield are also relatively lucrative, making the village an attractive place to work. The healthcare and social assistance industry is a crucial employer in Deerfield. Educational services and manufacturing also employ a significant portion of Deerfield's population. 

New arrivals with professional, scientific, and technical skills such as project management, software engineering, and financial analysis will have many job opportunities in the village. Most employees in Deerfield report a relaxed and supportive work environment that prioritises teamwork and work-life balance.

Working in Chicago has more information on the regional employment landscape. 

Accommodation in Deerfield 

With over 40 subdivisions and neighbourhoods, Deerfield offers its residents a vibrant mix of property types at price points catering to different budgets. Most of the homes in Deerfield are single-family homes in suburban neighbourhoods, where many of the residents own their homes.  

Wherever residents base themselves in Deerfield, they'll likely always be under an hour away from Chicago by car. Most of the village's neighbourhoods are also a few minutes away from the gorgeous Lake Michigan. Average home prices in the town are higher than the national average, but most new arrivals will find the cost worth it, thanks to the quality of life in Deerfield.  

The downtown centre is one of the most sought-after areas in the village, with young professionals valuing the convenience offered by proximity to restaurants, businesses, and shops. As a new resident, you'll be delighted to know that Deerfield provides easy access to breathtaking natural landscapes. You'll be just a hop, skip, and jump away from Briarwood Nature Area and Jaycee Memorial Park, where you can soak up the beauty and tranquillity of the great outdoors.

New arrivals looking for luxury properties on tree-lined streets will love the Woodland Park suburb. Named after the nearby park, Woodland Park is Deerfield's priciest neighbourhood and features large, stately homes perfect for large families. Bristol Estates is another upscale neighbourhood with custom-built homes. The neighbourhood boasts quick access to Lake Cook Road North.  

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Lifestyle in Deerfield 

With plenty of green spaces and the majestic Lake Michigan less than 10 minutes away, Deerfield is a haven for outdoor and fitness enthusiasts. Despite its small size, this little village packs a punch when it comes to things to see and do. Newcomers will find everything from exquisite shopping centres and restaurants to golf courses.  

Lake Michigan has plenty to offer, with swimming, fishing, and boating being beloved summer pastimes. Deerfield also has recreational cycling paths, and newcomers can visit Deerfield Cyclery to rent a bicycle. Additionally, Deerfield boasts more than 15 parks and recreational centres, with Jaycee Memorial Park being the most popular among these.  

Golfers will enjoy spending their afternoons teeing up at the 19-hole Deerfield Golf Club. Gourmands can visit the clubhouse at the Deerfield Golf Club for the fantastic cuisine, while the village's popular restaurants offer Italian and Greek cuisine.  

Held annually in September in Downtown Deerfield, the Harvest Festival is one of the village's most significant events. Later in the year, the Winter Market brings about community spirit and plenty of children's activities at the Patty Turner Centre.  

Residents can take a short drive to Chicago for a more comprehensive selection of events, eateries, and luxury shopping experiences.  

See Lifestyle in Chicago for more information on the city's entertainment.  

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