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Canadian taxes while in Chile?

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Submitted by jnarvaez78 on Wed, 21/12/2022 - 22:32
Destination: Santiago

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could share a bit of their experience with (Canadian) taxation while living in Chile.  How does it work? We're currently evaluating an offer in Santiago but realized that we might need to pay taxes to Canada while being there.  Any hints? tips? advice?  I noticed that the income tax % in Chile is way lower than in Canada and wondered if the other deductions (pensión and others) could also be part of the taxable income to report to CRA when filing your taxes.  Your help is much appreciated!

What kind of jobs are available for expats in Ireland/Europe?

Destination: Europe

I am a single mother with two school going teenage girls, and would like to relocate to Ireland or somewhere in Europe. What jobs beside health sector are on offer.

I am in the media sector, with vast experience in print media and broadcasting.


Finding an apartment in Nice, France?

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Submitted by dimitrinkav on Mon, 05/12/2022 - 03:21
Destination: France

Hi Everyone,

My partner got a job in Monaco and we have to relocate to the South of France and we need to find an apartment somewhere in the South of France like the Nice area, that he can commute to work with the train. Does anyone have any tips and tricks on finding apartments in that area? Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Relocation to Copenhagen with Pets

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Submitted by vatsag on Sat, 03/12/2022 - 16:09
Destination: Denmark


I've been offered relocation to Copenhagen on a role that pays me 65000 DKK monthly before taxes. Can any experts already living here guide me if this is decent pay for me to make this decision to move to Denmark?

I will be moving with my Wife. I do not have kids but I have a dog and 3 cats. I have no issues commuting to work from the outskirts but how easy/difficult it is to move with Pets? Especially with the homeowners giving their space for rent to tenants having pets in general


Secondary schools for expats of Argentine origin

Destination: Berlin

We will move to Berlin in February with my three adolescent children. They have knowledge of the English language but they are not bilingual. What school do you recommend? Since the forum includes international schools for English-speaking natives... Thank you!

Using different occupation code for Australian skills assessment

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Submitted by ram273 on Wed, 23/11/2022 - 03:46
Destination: Melbourne


I have just moved to Melbourne on a TSS 482 visa which is a sponsored visa by my employer.

Wanted to check on the skill assessment part of the step whole applying for PR in future.

Can we use a different job code while applying for the skill assessment test, the reason being that the current occupation code does not match my profile fully but then another code matches perfect.

Looking to move to Kenya. Where do we start?

Destination: Kenya


My wife and I are Canadian professionals with origins from a couple of countries in Central Africa. We would love to start the new chapter of our lives in Kenya but we don’t know where to look for jobs for expats. Could anyone help With any jobs or hiring agency website or referral?

We work in Business development in Finance and consulting for businesses and exporters.


Thank you for your help!


American citizen, i cant decide to go to Oman (Muscat) or Qatar (Doha)

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Submitted by Midou23 on Tue, 25/10/2022 - 23:01
Destination: Oman

hello everyone, i m US citizen, being self employed all my life, in the Restaurant business, i have very experienced in management, HR and running a business. the reason me and my wife want to move out is for our 3 kids to join arabic muslim school. so hopefully if we can register them in a public school. trying to decide between oman and qatar, any thoughts would help, thank you.

1, any hiring agency that maybe can find the best job for the experience, should i apply online or go in person once there?

Schooling in Eindhoven

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Submitted by Kunal_shah on Mon, 10/10/2022 - 04:53
Destination: Eindhoven

Hi All,

I will be moving from India to Eindhoven in few months. I have few questions related to schooling for my daughter, who is currently 12 yrs old. I would like to have your advice on the following.

1. Which school is preferred for my daughter, international or Dutch, considering long term planning in The Netherlands? I am afraid how easy it would be for my daughter to catch up in Dutch language schools at this age. Is it normal for expats kids to go to Dutch school at this age?

Also, the international schools seem quite expensive.

Work permit for Prague?

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Submitted by Paulmac on Wed, 05/10/2022 - 11:25
Destination: Prague

I am currently living in the Czech Republic and awaiting my residency visa and a potential employer has asked for a work permit. I was wondering if  1. Do i need a work permit?

                                                            2. Do i have to apply for one and if so, how?

Any help you can provide would be really appreciated.


Many thanks

Moving to Canada through apprenticeship

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Submitted by flackavelii on Wed, 14/09/2022 - 14:36
Destination: Calgary

Hey, i'm Aymen a tunisian citizen residing in tunisia i'm 27 years old and i just came to conclusions that my choices in life were wrong and i failed many times (well as they say you should fail 1000 times to get a success) anyways i always been attracted by handworks i go around the house helping my dad or mom fixing things but i did carrer choices that were based on emotions whether is happy or sad so i had a very bad carrer as an accountant which i'm now and recently i knew what i'm destined to be a plumber or electrician or somthing in that domain..

Where should a bachelor live in Pyeongtaek, South Korea?

Destination: South Korea


I'm a bachelor in his early 30s and I'm moving to Pyeongtaek before the New Year. Obviously being single, I want to meet women and have fun until I meet a nice girl with which to settle down. I need some recommendations regarding places to live that is close to the nightlife, good restaurants, shops, subway stations and other points of interest. Cheers.

Salaries in Auckland

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Submitted by manzoor on Wed, 06/07/2022 - 22:05
Destination: New Zealand

Hi, I would like to ask what is the salary levels in Auckland, as i have seen advisory comments in Expat Arrivals about cost of living where a 3 Bedroom housing in city NZD3800 and outside city is NZD2900, how much is the average salary of white collar worker in a Mid-career role to be able to afford this much of Rent NZD3800?

Requesting information/resources on moving to Slovenia

Destination: Slovenia


I am the grandson of a Slovenian immigrant and have decided to pursue a course toward legal repatriation on these grounds. I am university educated and to my calculations, possess enough independent wealth to survive comfortably for years in Ljubljana. 

As I have no intention of being a burden on the country though, I am currently in the process of seeking work-- generally leaning towards teaching English but also applying to masters/doctoral programs. I am also committing several hours each day to learn Slovene.

UK Car Finance Agreements if move to Switzerland (and other loans)

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Submitted by mattbrx on Sat, 11/06/2022 - 11:38
Destination: Geneva

Hi, looking to move to Geneva later this year for work (I'm a UK national moving from the UK). We have relatively new cars each, both on finance, that we want to bring with us. I can't see in my finance documents (or any of my other loans or credit card T's & C's) that limit where I live once the finance has been agreed. Does anyone have experience of moving to Switzerland with existing finance agreements and loans in place in the UK - and did you have to do anything or just carry on paying as normal ? (just from a different, now swiss, bank account).

Health Insurance in Geneva for a Child when they become an Adult

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Submitted by mattbrx on Sat, 11/06/2022 - 11:31
Destination: Geneva

Hi. Looking to move to Geneva this year with a 16 year old son from the UK (UK Nationals). Once he hits 18, and if he's not in work / not a student, does he / do I then have to pay full standard health insurances for him? If he has to pay it and is without work but has a Visa to live here as he came with me as part of the family, how does he fund things like this and other living expenses? My research is relatively clear what happens to me if I am in work, and then become unemployed, but that's all based on me having lived in Switzerland for a while and paid into these schemes already.

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