If you’re considering a move to Marshalltown, Iowa, you’ll find a city that perfectly blends historical charm with modern living. This central Iowa city is rich in history and offers a vibrant lifestyle with convenient access to major urban centres. The city’s strategic location makes it a practical choice for commuting or travelling to larger cities like Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. Whether for work or leisure, you can enjoy the perks of city life without the usual hustle and bustle.

Marshalltown boasts a variety of housing options, from historic homes in its downtown district to new developments on the outskirts, their diversity ensuring you find a place that feels like home. Moreover, Marshalltown’s numerous parks and public facilities show its commitment to community and recreation, enhancing the quality of life for its residents and making it an appealing place for families and individuals alike.

Cost of living in Marshalltown

The cost of living in Marshalltown stands out as particularly affordable, making it an attractive option for anyone considering a move. The overall expenses are substantially below both the national and state averages, contributing to its appeal. Housing costs in Marshalltown are notably low, with median home values well below those in larger Iowa cities and the national median.

Everyday expenses, including groceries, healthcare and utilities, are generally lower in Marshalltown than in nearby urban centres like Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. The area also offers competitive salaries and affordable childcare options, making it a practical choice for families. The availability of state subsidies and free educational programmes adds to the economic benefits of living in Marshalltown.

Getting around in Marshalltown

In Marshalltown, driving remains the most prevalent form of transport, with the vast majority of locals using cars to commute daily. The area is well-suited to drivers, with major roads and highways easily accessible for efficient travel within and outside the city.

For those who prefer public transport, the Marshalltown Municipal Transit (MMT) offers comprehensive local services. Operating from Monday to Friday, MMT runs four main routes – Blue, Green, Red, and Orange – that cover most of the urban area. These services are designed to be inclusive, with all buses equipped with wheelchair ramps or lifts, catering for all mobility needs.

Peoplerides extends the reach of public transport beyond the city limits, serving residents in the Hardin, Marshall, Poweshiek, and Tama Counties. Additionally, intercity travel is facilitated by Jefferson Lines and Greyhound, ensuring Marshalltown is well-connected to broader regions.

Walking is another popular way to get around Marshalltown, especially in more compact parts of the city where amenities and services are within easy reach.

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Healthcare in Marshalltown

Marshalltown is served by UnityPoint Health – Marshalltown Hospital, which provides comprehensive medical services, including emergency care and specialised fields such as cardiology and neurosurgery. The hospital is a key healthcare provider in the region, ensuring residents have access to essential medical care close to home.

The Marshalltown Multi-Specialty Clinic further supports the community's health by offering a range of services under one roof, including dermatology, nephrology, and orthopaedic surgery.

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Schools in Marshalltown

Marshalltown offers a variety of educational options through its public and private schools, accommodating diverse learning needs and preferences. The public schools are administered by the Marshalltown Community School District, which consists of 10 institutions serving over 5,000 students. The district boasts a richly diverse demographic, providing a broad cultural perspective and opportunities for inclusive learning environments.

Private schooling in Marshalltown offers alternative educational pathways that might align more closely with specific educational philosophies or religious beliefs. These schools typically provide smaller class sizes and may teach different curricula that cater to particular academic or cultural preferences.

Weather in Marshalltown

Marshalltown enjoys a hot-summer humid continental climate, which means you can experience distinct seasons here, making it ideal for a variety of year-round activities. The proximity to the Iowa River contributes to the area's fertile landscapes and also influences the local climate.

Summer months in Marshalltown are typically hot and humid, perfect for outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, and biking along the Linn Creek Recreational Trail. Conversely, the winter season tends to be cold and snowy, offering opportunities for ice skating and snow-based sports, ensuring outdoor enjoyment all year round.

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Working in Marshalltown

In Marshalltown, a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, education, and healthcare, provide robust employment opportunities. Major employers like the JBS meat processing plant, Emerson/Fisher, and Lennox Industries are pivotal to the local economy, alongside significant public sector jobs at Marshalltown Community Schools and the Iowa Veterans Home.

The work culture in Marshalltown is characterised by a team-oriented approach that encourages innovation. Networking plays a crucial role in the professional landscape of Marshalltown. The Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce’s Connect Marshalltown group exemplifies this by providing a platform for professionals to meet, exchange ideas, and contribute to community enhancement, meeting regularly at various local venues.

While the majority of Marshalltown's workforce commutes by car, with 78 percent driving alone, the community is gradually adapting to modern work trends. However, remote working remains less common here than in other parts of Iowa, with only a small fraction of the workforce engaging in telecommuting.

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Accommodation in Marshalltown

Marshalltown presents various rental options, ranging from apartments and houses to condos and townhomes. The city's affordable accommodation makes it an attractive option for those seeking cost-effective living spaces. Approximately one-third of Marshalltown residents rent their homes, with a significant portion owning them outright, reflecting a stable residential environment.

Finding a rental in Marshalltown can be navigated through online platforms such as Apartments.com, which displays many available properties. Local real estate agents and the Marshalltown Chamber of Commerce also offer resources and assistance in the rental process, from application to lease signing.

Marshalltown offers a diverse array of neighbourhoods, each with unique characteristics that cater to various lifestyles and preferences. Central Marshalltown attracts many due to its central location and affordability. It's a hub of activity, with easy access to local amenities and services. This area is particularly appealing if you're looking for a vibrant community life.

Marshalltown West is ideal if you're looking for a community with a youthful vibe and excellent safety ratings. The area is known for its walkability and proximity to educational institutions, perfect for college students or academic professionals. You'll find a mix of medium to large single-family homes and small apartment buildings, many of which reflect the charming architectural styles of the mid-20th century.

Southside Marshalltown is noted for its visual appeal and updated homes. This area is well-maintained and provides a visually appealing residential experience, making it a preferred choice for those looking for a neat and comfortable living environment.

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Lifestyle in Marshalltown

Marshalltown has an enriching lifestyle, blending leisure activities with vibrant shopping and dining options. Shoppers and foodies will find Downtown Marshalltown and the 13th Street District bustling with unique boutiques, antique shops and eateries.

Cultural buffs will find the newly renovated Marshalltown Arts & Civic Center a fascinating venue. Here, you can enjoy an array of exhibitions and meetings in a modern setting. The town also hosts the Oktemberfest, a highlight of the autumn season, featuring family-friendly activities, music, and a carnival atmosphere that lights up the town.

Exploring the nightlife in Marshalltown offers a delightful mix of bars, clubs, and live music venues scattered across the city, concentrated in the downtown area. Whether you’re looking for a casual evening out or a vibrant night scene, you’ll find options to suit your taste. Safety in these areas is well maintained and supported by a solid local police presence, ensuring a secure environment for your nighttime adventures.

There's a vibrant sports culture in Marshalltown that caters to fans and athletes alike. The city boasts many sports activities, from football and volleyball to more niche interests like cross-country and e-sports, ensuring something for everyone. The local enthusiasm is evident as residents fervently support the Marshalltown High School Bobcats and the Marshalltown Community College Tigers.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Linn Creek Recreational Trail offers an impressive 8-mile journey through scenic landscapes, starting from Riverview Park and concluding at Grimes Farm, which connects further to the Heart of Iowa trail. At Grimes Farm and Conservation Center, nature lovers can explore diverse trails, climb an observation tower, and let children play in a specially designed nature playscape. The Marshalltown Family Aquatic Center offers a fun escape during the warm summer months with its water slides and lazy river.

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