Nicknamed the Millennium City, Gurgaon is a fast-developing city in the state of Haryana. Most expats moving to Gurgaon are enticed by work opportunities offered by the more than 250 Fortune 500 companies with bases in the city.  

Gurgaon boasts world-class infrastructure that is complemented by a wonderful food culture and exciting nightlife options, so expats can enjoy a high quality of life in the city.   

Living in Gurgaon as an expat 

Gurgaon is one of the most affluent cities in India and currently serves as the country’s second-biggest IT and telecommunications hub. The financial services industry in the city is also the most developed in the country. Expats are often employed in these industries, while the education and service industries are other major employers in the city.

As Gurgaon is a popular expat destination, many of the amenities in the city are geared towards foreigners, so expats making a move to the city are unlikely to experience major culture shock. The locals are also friendly and welcoming, and expats who learn a few Hindi phrases will enjoy a more fulfilling experience in Gurgaon.

Still, expats may have to get used to some things in Gurgaon. Safety can be an issue in some parts of the city, and women are encouraged to avoid walking alone at night. The city also experiences stark levels of income inequality, which may be jarring for some expats.

One of the biggest frustrations of life in Gurgaon is the notorious traffic congestion typical of Indian cities. Most employers will offer expats a car and driver, while others use local taxis or rickshaws, which are easy to find in Gurgaon. Public healthcare in the city varies in quality, but private healthcare is excellent, with Gurgaon earning a reputation as a medical tourism destination.  

Cost of living in Gurgaon 

Similarly to other major Indian cities, the cost of living in Gurgaon is relatively high. That said, expat salaries are generally lucrative and will allow them to maintain a high quality of life. Newly built modern apartments or homes will set expats back quite significantly, and if this accommodation is in a central location, the cost goes up even further.  

Groceries and eating out are fairly affordable thanks to the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. Street food is also plentiful and cheap.  

For expats moving to Gurgaon with their families, healthcare and education will likely be other major expenses. Expats employed by multinational companies typically have their health insurance sponsored, though, and it’s recommended to negotiate an education allowance to help cover the cost of international school fees.  

Families and children in Gurgaon 

With a plethora of family-friendly attractions and a wide range of international school options, expat parents needn’t worry about educating and entertaining their children in Gurgaon. As a popular expat destination, Gurgaon is home to many international schools offering a wide range of curricula, including the British, IB, and American curricula.  

Despite Gurgaon’s reputation as a concrete jungle, nature-loving expats will find a few parks sprinkled throughout the city. Otherwise, much of the entertainment is concentrated indoors in the city’s many play areas and malls.  

Climate in Gurgaon 

The weather in Gurgaon is characterised by distinct warmer and cooler seasons. The weather is most pleasant between December and February, when temperatures are cool. Summer (April to May) is the warmest time of year, with temperatures peaking at 106°F (41°C). The monsoon season typically starts in June and ends in September, while in winter (November to January), lows can reach 41°F (5°C). 

Overall, expats moving to Gurgaon will find that the city has its pros and cons, but those who embrace it will come to love the bustling metropolis and the diverse, friendly locals who call it home.  

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