Located in the west of the Netherlands and on the edge of the North Sea, The Hague is often referred to as the judicial capital of the world owing to the many international courts in the city. It’s the seat of the national government and the country’s third-largest metropolis. The Hague is also a major UN host city and home to more than 150 international organisations, as well as many EU institutions, multinational companies and embassies – all of which make it one of Europe’s most popular expat destinations with a distinctly international character. 

Living in The Hague as an expat

The Hague, some might argue, doesn't have the edgy dynamism of the country’s capital, Amsterdam, which lies a short distance to the northeast. Rather, it has a reputation as a wealthy, conservative and somewhat sedate city. But that doesn’t mean it’s a dull place to live. On the contrary, it boasts plenty of green space, picturesque historical buildings, a beautiful coastline, attractive shopping streets and surprisingly lively nightlife.

There's something to suit everyone's lifestyle, from adrenaline junkies who are into kitesurfing to families with kids who enjoy forest walks and picnics.

While the city has seen a lot of development over recent years, with more and more modern buildings popping up, The Hague is still relatively compact and has an efficient public transport system. It is also very pedestrian-friendly.

The city's accommodation is varied and filled with character, and expats are sure to find something to suit their lifestyle and budget.

Cost of living in The Hague

While the cost of living in The Hague is significantly less expensive than in Amsterdam and other major European capitals, certain costs, such as rent, are still surprisingly high. Then again, although The Hague is considered pricey by some, the city offers an equally high standard of living. There are also ways in which expats can decrease their living costs, such as by choosing to cycle around the city rather than driving or using public transport.

Family and children in The Hague

Expats with children needn’t worry about the quality of their education, as the city has several good international schools and universities. Not to mention the family-friendly entertainment opportunities such as fantastic museums, shopping streets, restaurants and other attractions.

Climate in The Hague

The city's climate, much like in the rest of the Netherlands, is temperate with its coastal location meaning that winters are slightly milder than inland cities, while summers are sunny and warm.

The Hague, while not the most popular expat destination in the Netherlands, is attracting more and more families with its relaxed lifestyle, great international schools and abundance of greenery. Expats are sure to stay far longer than initially anticipated.

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