When considering a move to a new city, there is nothing more useful than hearing real life stories from other expats who have lived there. Feel free to contact us if you live or have lived in Qatar and would like to share your experience.

Ryno Cilliers is a South African expat who lived in Doha. Although he has now returned to his home country, he looks back on his time there fondly. He recalls many unique experiences and multiple lessons learned.
Read all about his time in Doha in our interview with Ryno.

Kennesha is an American expat who threw caution to the wind and moved to work and teach in Qatar. After living in Qatar for several years, Kennesha has much to share, especially when it comes to culture shock, the Western mindset and her experience moving abroad as a parent with two sons. Read more in our expat interview with Kennesha.


Rima Obaid moved with her husband to Qatar from Jordan just over a decade ago. They moved to advance their careers in engineering and human resources, but have made Doha their home and are now raising their children in the city. Rima records her experiences on her YouTube channel, and most recently posted a video on 20 things to love about Qatar. Read more about her expat experience in Qatar.
Rima is a Jordanian expat living in Qatar
Velvet Garvey is an Australian expat living in Qatar with her husband. They moved to Doha when she pursued a job opportunity as a Managing Editor of a publication. Despite the dust and the unpredictable drivers, Velvet enjoys life in Qatar; with the best part of living in Qatar being her job. Read more about her expat experience in Doha.
Velvet Garvey - An Australian Expat living in Qatar
Helen Sach is an Australian expat living in Doha with her husband, Kim, and their little Maltese dog, Suzie. Having lived in Dubai before moving to Qatar, Helen admits that she enjoys life in Qatar more than she did life in the UAE. Read more about her expat experience in Qatar.
Helen Sach - An Australian expat in Qatar
Victoria is a British expat who moved to Qatar with her husband when he got a job in the aviation sector in Doha. They have been in Qatar for over three years now, and despite missing the green of the UK, she enjoys the Qatar sunshine and the child-friendly nature of Doha. Read about her expat life in Doha.
Victoria Scott - A British expat in Qatar
No matter how much preparation you put into your relocation, it's never 100 percent smooth sailing. So, don’t get down on yourself if a challenge pops up that you can’t immediately overcome. For some inspiration, read one British expat living in Doha’s account of how a little bit of luck and a lot of Insha'Allahs can help you settle into Qatar.
Settling into Doha icon
Yogesh Pagar quit India in 2007 in quest for a unique Arab cultural experience in Qatar.  As a veteran travel professional who's explored four other nations in the Middle East as well, he's well equipped to shed some light on the expat experience in Qatar.
Oliver Moritz was one of the first three members of his company to pack his bags, bid his goodbyes and make the move to Qatar from Germany over six years ago.  Now, in his third job with no plans to repatriate soon, he gives Expat Arrivals the inside scoop on Qatar and how it's changed in recent years. 
Photograph of Oliver Moritz - Businessman in Qatar
Roxanne Davis is maker and creator of Doha mums - a thriving community of passionate mothers from all over the world who have come to settle in the sultry heat of Qatar.  She found a slot in her crazy calendar of events to explain to expats everywhere the rise and fall of life in Doha
Roxanne Davis of Doha Mums
Rajka Milanovic M.D., is an American Board Certified Family Physician living and working in Qatar. For two of the past 5 years she has practiced medicine here, and also delivered her second child. She blogs and advises on being an expat mother in Doha - read about her expat experiences of life in Qatar.

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