Expats should have no trouble keeping in touch with family and friends back home after they arrive in Norway. The internet is fast and reliable and there are several mobile phone options, while English media is also plentiful. 

Internet in Norway

With a highly advanced and cutting-edge Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, the internet in Norway has fantastic reliability and speed. Residents can get online just about everywhere, and many hotels, cafés and restaurants in the cities have WiFi for their customers. Internet connectivity is even possible in the most rural of areas in Norway.

Prices are reasonable and there are many services to choose from. The biggest telecom provider is the state-owned Telenor, while Canal Digital and Eltel are also prominent.

Most Norwegians have their own broadband internet at home, so internet cafés are sparse. Anyone needing to use the internet that does not own a laptop can go to the closest library.

Social networking sites and instant messaging services, such as Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime, are all accessible and well utilised.

Mobile phones in Norway

The vast majority of Norwegians have a mobile telephone, and texting is a common form of communication. Landlines are becoming rarer in private homes but are still used by most businesses. The main provider is Telenor, which owns the core infrastructure.

Anyone with a Norwegian identity number can apply for a phone contract or buy a mobile telephone without a subscription to a company. Expats will have an identification number assigned once their residency permit is approved.

Expats can check if their phone works in Norway when they arrive. If so, they can buy a new SIM card with a Norwegian number from mobile phone shops, some supermarkets and newsagents.

Television in Norway

Television is a good way for expats to begin to understand the Norwegian psyche, culture and language. Norway has four national television stations (NRK1, NRK2, NRK3 and NRK Super), but private companies such as TV2 and TVNorge as well as cable channels let expats see their favourite shows from back home. Although NRK is state owned and administrated by the Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs, there is very little television censorship. Anyone with a television has to pay a licence fee.

Many expats subscribe to cable television services, and the more channels one subscribes to the higher the price for cable services will be. Residents can also rent new release movies via their cable provider.

English media in Norway

There is a wide variety of English media in Norway. Television shows and movies are often in English, many websites have an English version, and libraries often have an English book section.

While there are obviously Norwegian channels on television, some television channels show both Norwegian and American or British shows. All shows have subtitles regardless of the language. Most television channels in Norway are in English.

Postal services in Norway

Expats can use the postal system in Norway to ship packages to their families. Although it is expensive, the Norwegian postal service is very reliable, and packages should arrive internationally within five to 10 business days.

Expat Health Insurance

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  • Cancer screenings - Including bowel, prostate, breast, lung, skin, and cervical cancer
  • Telephonic Wellness Coaching – Access to a personal coach to support your nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress, weight management, or tobacco cessation goals
  •  Life Management Assistance Programme access - 24/7 client service access to Life Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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