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Posted by Maria Rosa
on 25 Jul 2016
Greetings, Hello, and Thank You all for your guidance to others in posts from which I have been garnering some practical knowledge.

My husband and I are relocating to Valencia with our 14 year old son,Vincent. As my husband is Dutch,we can live in Spain legally, but I know we have to "register." Is it possible to do this only directly with the city or can this be handled at the Spanish Consulate in Amsterdam?

Concerning my son, I am focusing on 2 main things for him that I could use some guidance on, one being Youth Baseball Teams in Valencia,and when the "season" starts or if they play year round and the other is finding a school for him that will expose him to the language intensively, and is reputable,with a strong cirriculum but that teaches core classes in English-I am trying to avoid paying American School,International School tuition- but more importantly want him to have ample opportunity to acculturate swiftly. I believe that putting him in such schools will be putting him in a bubble, and delay his attaining fluency in Spanish. If anyone knows of such a school please inform, as well as perhaps the best areas to live in for any such schooling opportunity. Also, to afford my son the means to connect with kids in the "same boat" as he,as it were, are there meet ups for expats teens to which I can be referred ? Or any skateboard clubs?

We also have dogs. Are the locals tolerant of these angels in fur suits? Where is the best area to live with trails close by, yet connected well with public transport to the city? I want to avoid the "car life".

As for myself I have a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, and my Spanish is rudimentary.I am mainly going to focus on my writing, and obtaining a CELTA Certificate within a year. However, as I do love working with the elderly and with babies,I am curious to know if there is a Nurse registry that caters to English Speaking clientele, or one that at least would tolerate my rudimentary Spanish. I have varied/extensive experience including management and education in nursing as well as direct patient care. I may just end up longing to work in the field after a few months off.I will have the legal right to work through my husband.

Lastly,is it possible to message folks that post here specifically, if you find that you are in the same camp with many ?? and requests for guidance or further information on a given subject? and or with the same game plan, so collective information gathered can be shared? With much gratitude in advance for questions & inquiries addressed

Maria Rosa
Anonymous (not verified) on 27 Nov 2016 - 00:53
Hi Maria Rosa, Have you made the move? I'm here with my husband and 3 kids, the oldest being 13. If you are here, please message me, I would love for my son to make a friend and maybe we can too! Let me know, Natasha
Anonymous (not verified) on 28 Nov 2016 - 21:57
Dear Natasha, I just had to return to the States for property issues- argghh!..a mess.. And I think we have decided on Barcelona or Malaga as my son is an avid skater and baseballl player and there seems to be little signs of life there on that front. Are you form the States? my direct email-
Daniela de Castro on 19 Mar 2018 - 11:23
Hi Maria

Registering for your Empadronamiento can only be done once you have a Spanish address and must be done at the local town hall. Expat Arrivals have a guide on how to get your Empadronamiento which you may find helpful. 

There are some bilingual private schools in the city that may offer some core classes in English. This will give your son the opportunity to immerse himself in Spanish language and culture while still giving him the confidence to succeed in his core classes. Our guide to education and schools in Spain might be a good starting point for your research on which school to choose.

There are a number of smaller villages surrounding Valencia which offer cheaper rentals and a more outdoors lifestyle for expats, but are still connected to the main city through well-serviced public transport networks. Living in these villages will give your family the opportunity to explore the Spanish countryside with your dogs and get away from the bustle of the city without needing to buy a car. These areas include L'Eliana, Puçol and Betera. 

- Daniela

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